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Quandrantids, Cold, God, WOW

Somehow, I got myself very bundled up before 4am, hobbled out to the field with my big white dog Raki, turned the chair towards the Big Dipper and announced to the Universe “I’ve made it out here. Let’s see the show.”

And within moments the first meteor flew across the cold northern winter sky. Each one, whether little or brief or bright and spectacular, generated a spontaneous WOW from me. The sky is glorious on a cold winter night; it’s exuberantly awesome with bright objects hurling through it.

I had dressed warmly…but after an hour, parts of me began to get that very cold feeling. I hung in there longer, chanting Om Mani Padme Hum for heat and surrender. I was rewarded many times with the amazing beauty of another meteor.
Gracias Mother/Father God, Gracias Life, Gracias courage and strength to get me outside, Gracias for this amazing wild brief life of mine filled with love and beauty and wonder. And Gracias for a warm home with a hot fire and people that I love to go back inside to. 5:30am