Box Turtle CSA


BOX TURTLE COMMUNITY SUPPORTED AGRICULTURE (BOX TURTLE CSA) is located on 41 acre Box Turtle Farm on Box Turtle Road in Silk Hope (Chatham County). We are close to Pittsboro, Siler City, and Chapel Hill.

All the gardening and farming that has been done here since the late 1970s has used organic soil amendments (such as local manure and composted leaves), cover cropping, and manual and organic weed and pest control.

Box Turtle CSA features a wide variety of vegetables (some unusual and heirloom), fruit (including apples, pears, figs, muscadine and scuppernong grapes, blueberries and some cane (like blackberries and raspberries), medicinal and culinary cultivated plants, wild foods and medicines (including mushrooms, wild greens, herbs, nuts and more), and frequent aesthetic contributions(cultivated and wild flowers).

Leif Diamant is the farmer and owner/steward, Jonny Jonson and Logan Parker are the 2012 co-managers. Membership consists of 14 scheduled pickups on alternating Fridays beginning Friday May 4, 2012. Some flexibility around pickup can be provided. We are also glad to accommodate special requests around order content if possible. Members will also have first opportunity to purchase surplus and special items.

Membership fee is $300.00 due before or by May 4.

($21.43 x 14 harvests). You pay in advance, we commit to providing a bountiful, delicious and healthy bag of vegetables, fruit, herbs, and more every other week.

*Last year’s mandatory work requirement has been dropped.*Members will still have the opportunity to participate with gardening and harvest on pickup mornings. We will have some special work days when members can provide needed help and reap extra rewards!

Box Turtle CSA is limited to ten( 10) paid shares/memberships. Last year, we sold out rapidly.

Pickups will go from May 4 until mid November. Some shares are already committed. 2011 CSA members have priority.

Friday, May 4, 2012 harvest/share will (probably)be: scallions or small onions, purple and green young lambsquarter, mild purple Asian mustard, variety of colorful Swiss Chard, some small beets and radishes, boiled unseasoned fresh bamboo shoots, greens including Da Cheong , tatsoi, Siberian kale, and bok choi, salad greens, edible salad flowers, a bouquet of ox eye daisy and some surprises.
Pickup is at 11AM...unless other arrangements are made.

Box Turtle CSA is a passion driven love of Nature, farming, and great food inspired project that is grateful for your participation and support.

To join or for questions, please contact me as soon as possible.

Thanks very much

See you in the garden!

Leif Robert Diamant
183 Box Turtle Road
Pittsboro, North Carolina 27312
919-542-5420 Wild Earth Consulting